Seol Cheong 8 pcs Set
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Seol Cheong 8 pcs Set

Seol Cheong 8 pcs Set
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Seol cheong skin care 8pcs

High-class herbal cosmetics, Seol Cheong, made with herbal recipe of Korean traditional Encyclopedia of Medicine of Korea (Dong Eui Bo Gam) through modern beauty science to give you the clean and clear feeling of the snow.

1.Effect of an extract of a wild ginseng on cosmetics

-The result of the value of RCB(relative collagen biosynthesis), collagen life composition on a fiber-blast cell is superior of 2times more than the extract of a ginseng.

-Effect of seeding up blood: The extract of a wild ginseng has an effect for increasing blood flow rate on the skin.

-Effect of decreasing for depositing melanin

The skin divided into 3of the cuticle, the inner skin and subcutaneous fat, and a pigment deposing of the skin can make dark and dirty the skin. The extract of a wild ginseng can manage effectively to prevent deposing melanin of corneous cell on the cuticle.

-Effect of increasing for a fiber-blast cell

The inner skin is the tissue which was made with a fiber-blast cell for charging to make elastic on the skin. It maintains the life tissue healthy working revitalization of a fiber-blast cell that charging to make elastic on the skin.

-Effect of anti-inflammatory and skin immunity

A disease which has reaction of an inflammation needs to control an inflammatory; It needs anti-inflammatory to control an inflammatory. Therefore, the extract of a wild ginseng which is superior effective on anti-inflammatory and skin immunity applies on toilet articles and get effect to prevent skin trouble.

2. Effect of the extract of Artemisia jwayomogi on cosmetics

- There is essential oil, resin,  a bitter things, artemisinin, ascorbic acid and carotin on the plant.

-There is essential oil, borneol, paraffin, adenine, choline and vitamin A, B, C, D ect on the leaves.

-There is 1.8%of artemohs which is polysaccharide on a root and 0.1%of essential oil which is dihydro-matricatrin sterol, tetra-decatrin, inulin and mucous.

-Effect of Artemisia iwayomogi: it effects to work counteracting poison and the skin trouble as alkaline foods that has rich inorganic matter

3..Effect of plums water on cosmetics

-A plum which promotes elastic for the skin is a fruit with rich mineral.

-It makes to be smooth on metabolism and contains various organic acids for preventing skin trouble.

-Amygdalin- It prevents the skin trouble.

-It contains various Vitamin, Pactin and kinds of Tannin.

Organic acid of every kind and Vitamins helps the circulation of the blood, so then care of the skin color well.

1. Seol Cheong Herbal Moisturizing Skin Toner (150ml)
2. Seol Cheong Nourishing Lotion (150ml)
3. Seol Cheong Whitening Cream (60ml)
4. Seol Cheong lift Essence (50ml)
5. Seol Cheong lift Eye Cream (30ml)
6.Seol Cheong D-Tox  ampul serum (30ml)
7.Seol Cheong Lift ampule Eye Serum (30ml)
8.Seol Cheong  Brightening ampul Serum (30ml)

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