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Bio Stem Yen

Bio Stem Yen
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With these components is known as the panacea for health as Baby Sheep Placenta (Placenta Stem Cell lamb), Superior Nest, Collagen, Pearl Essence, Royal Jelly, we are confident that BioStemYen - Khang Ngoc Toan is the best product on the market that is not a product that could compare with the miraculous ability as:
- Stimulates the production of new cells replace the young old cells
- Strengthen the immune system, help prevent disease, increase resilience 
- Help disease osteoarthritis pain, mucus enhances regeneration
- Increase metabolic activity, help for eating cases constipation
- regulation of blood circulation
- Good night, sleep deeper, help restore health to hard work
- help for diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma ...
- To enhance general health, increase the likelihood of brain activity
- Enhance physiology for both men and women, to help combat apathy, increase arousal
- Restore the elasticity of vaginal elasticity, helps increase sexual pleasure and physiological prevent vaginal infections common
- Helps ruddy freshness, smoothing back the old dry skin
- Reduce the obvious traces, freckles, wrinkles and tighten pores for a skin toned, smooth
Stem cells are cells that have the ability to divide vigorously to create new cells to replace degenerated cells (cancer cells) or aging cells in the body aging ... man, when we get older is when the cells are born not much while other cells are still aging and older, which is the cause of resistance, immune system weakness of our over time, leads to most diseases and health and beauty which is also slipping over time. Stem Cell can say is the greatest works when it has the ability to make people young again, health is significantly increased, improving bone and joint diseases, increase in married life for both men and women, reduce suffering from disease, preventing disease risk ...
*** Premium Bird's Nest
Bird's Nest - is considered ancient treasure bowl to rise only for kings enjoy. Today many nests have appeared in the daily lives of people. With the great uses for human health, the nest is like a precious gift endowed.
Through a lot of research scientists and nutrition experts the world has shown nests is actually a lot of foods with nutritional value for the human body.
Nests includes 2 main components are glycol and protein. Section 7 glyco include sugars that the body easily absorb. Protein in nest contains 18 kinds of amino acids, many of which can not be replaced, but the body can not synthesize. Rarely does a certain food has many uses as possible for the health of oats.
For women, the oats not only nourish the body but also works great for skin quality by containing threonine is formed collagene elastine and skin, helps reduce acne, remove freckles, melasma out, pink skin, slow down skin aging process, helps keep youth beauty for women.
*** Collagen
Collagen is a protein accounted for 25% of total protein in the human body. Scientists often for collagen as the glue that connects a body tissues together. Without them the body will only discrete parts, parts not complete. This alone is enough to point out the importance of collagen for the life and health of humans.
When the body is over the age of 30 steps, the pace slowed down collagen synthesis, collagen decomposition rate increases. On average each year, Collagen structure lost about 1.5% in volume. This consequently leads to low muscle tone, sagging, tiny wrinkles appear on the skin, tendons, cartilage, joints, bone degeneration.
In medicine health care and aesthetic solutions Collagen is not only anti-aging, but for 2 reasons: Collagen achieve high efficiency in the process of recovery and regeneration and skin safe, easy to use so most doctors and esthetician are recommended.
**** Pearl  Extract Powder
Pearls, or more accurately, pearl powder is the most effective ingredients to bring a radiant glowing skin. In skin care methods pearls not only cover directly onto the skin from the outside, but it also refers to the kidney, strengthen the development of the mind, as bright and sparkling eyes more. Pearl powder revitalizing the skin, promoting the production of new cells and slow the aging process.
For kings, ancient pearl has become a mystique extremely effective special luxuries. Pearls have been used to overcome many problems related to maintaining health and beauty. Women in ancient times believed that pearls can erase wrinkles, increased visual acuity, eye glitter and enhance health. Pearls are considered a beauty secret for smooth and pearls of beauty.
Because pearls of calcium (81%), protein (15%) and micronutrients (copper, zinc, iron ..) and many amino acids, has high nutritional effects from pharmaceutical pearls can help reduce stress, increase brightness for eye treatment of bone and joint diseases, help heal wounds ...
*** Royal Jelly
Royal Jelly is considered high, and the most precious of bee products because it contains valuable nutrients including amazing 22 amino acids needed by the body for activity and vitamin content important as B1, B2 (riboflavin), niacin, B5 (pantothenic acid), B6, biotin, folic acid, B12, inositol, and choline. In addition Jelly also contains a number of vitamins A, C, D, and E and minerals like calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, sulfur, most nutrients are needed and great food for skin treatment and beauty.
Due to prove the authenticity of many of the great effects and nutrients listed above, Jelly continues to be an important topic of research on the world famous, and the results show that more than cover ever, the researchers believe in the magic of this natural milk quality.
  • Usage: 2capsules/day after meal

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